Rizoma Reverse Retro Universal Mirror


Rizoma Reverse Retro Universal Mirror

These really cool Rizoma mirrors are an alternative to the stock 'antenna' mirrors found on most modern sport and naked bikes. They are reversible and can be mounted left or right and above or below the ends of your handle bars. This mirror is much preferred by many naked bike enthusiast that prefer to enhance the street fighter look. The slight added weight of these Rizoma mirrors on your bar ends will also help reduce the fatigue inducing engine buzz on your grips.

These mirrors can be mounted directly onto a non tapered handlebar with 22-30mm OD and a 12 mm gap at the end of the bar. They can also be mounted on the Motovation universal bar ends or the Rizoma non tapered bar ends.

Note: MA5344 and MA5333 are Rizoma Bar Ends that Rizoma offers for mounting these mirrors to, and are sold separately. These bar ends allow the Reverse Retro mirrors to clamp onto them.

Rizoma mirrors are sold individually.

Note: Rizoma adapters are required for all models.

Note: Rizoma includes small mirror hole plugs to cover the holes left behind from the stock mirror.