Dry Master Prime All Season


It has waterproof / moisture permeability function, and weatherproof all season jacket with the same level of waterproof function as rain wear even in the rainy season. Batting inner liner is detachable, equipped with armpit and back side, cuffs with ventilation, enhancing comfort inside the jacket. The protector is CE compatible with shoulder and elbow, and bent shape which is excellent in breathability on the back is standard equipment (upgradeable to TRV 044). In addition, the chest protector (button type) can be attached to the chest according to the purpose and preference by CPS (chest protector system). It can respond to changes of climate widely, it is an all-round model with no choice of car season or season.

  • Waterproof / breathable (dry master)
  • water repellent finish (Teflon HT)
  • large opening ventilation (side · cuffs · back)
  • detachable inner liner (cotton ingain) · 360 ° reflector print
  • fitting adjuster (sleeves · waist )
  • CE protector (shoulder / elbow / position adjustable)
  • Vented foam protector (back)
  • water repellent finish (Teflon HT)
  • CPS (chest protector system)
  • T - DRY mesh interior (outer)