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About Us

“Personal. Friendly. Experts.”

A Santa Monica local, Victor purchased his first motorcycle on his 21st birthday.

Initially, the simple feelings of anonymity and freedom were what attracted him to two wheels. The solitude. The focus. The tranquility. The escapism. But he rapidly became fixated on the power, speed, and control as he immersed himself in the motorcycle lifestyle.

As an enthusiast, he had a vision: a space that offered the highest quality products and service with a personal touch, a place where customers felt more like members.

In late 2006, Moto Club Santa Monica was born.

7-day work-weeks and living at the shop, the struggle to get the business off the ground was not for the faint of heart. Investing himself completely, against all odds, his vision never faded.

12 years later, Moto Club stands unmoved from it’s original home in the heart of Santa Monica, California.

A destination for beginners, enthusiasts and advanced riders, Moto Club Santa Monica is about the experience. We take pride in offering the highest level of service, carrying hand-picked brands and making every customer feel welcomed.

What separates us from other dealers and shops? Transparency and authenticity.

A tight-knit staff, Moto Club embodies the feeling of friendship. Victor and his team are proud of their “no compromise” environment and run a shop dedicated to the passion that fuels the local motorcycle community.

With a full-service shop, top-shelf accessories and bikes for sale, Moto Club Santa Monica is where the European motorcycle lifestyle thrives.